Opening of "World Health Organization Geographically Dispersed Office for Humanitarian and Health Emergencies Preparedness" in Turkey


Turkey, who undergoes a Health Reform, provides positive contributions to global health as well. Turkey pays great importance to foreign policy based on humanitarian and emergency health continues her partnership with World Health Organization. 

Within this scope, Minister of Health Prof. Dr. Recep Akdağ and World Health Organization Europe Regional Office Director Zsuzsanna Jakab signed Host Country Agreement on May 2, 2017 for the foundation of World Health Organization Geographically Dispersed Office for Humanitarian and Health Emergencies Preparedness in Istanbul. 

With the office, it is planned to increase the preparedness, risk management and protection capacity of countries about public health and humanitarian emergencies, enlarge the capacity of Regional Office about the intervention for potential humanitarian and health emergency cases in the region and immobilize the intervention capacity, and also assigned position of the Office is as follows:

Evaluation of national health system capacity for emergency cases,
Capacity building for management of emergency cases and public health,
Preparedness of hospitals for emergency cases, capacity building for structural and functional security,
Massgathering and related health problems,
Displacement of masses and related health problems,
Capacity increase of countries within the context of International Health Regulations,
Providing intervention support to WHO when necessary, 
Currently there are 5 GDOs and 6th one will be opened in Turkey. The office will be funded by Turkey for 10 years. It is planned that 11 personnel, 8 technical 3 administrative personnel, will be appointed to GDO by WHO.


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