28 Eylül 2020

Tasks of General Directorate of EU and Foreign Affairs

  • to conduct, develop, relations and related legal and administrative arrangements and to conduct activities in the field of Health with foreign countries and international organizations
  • to carry out procedures related to bilateral and multilateral treaties and agreements
  • to carry out relations with the European Union, by coordinating relations with the relevant departments of the Ministry and other corporates and agencies
  • to conduct international congresses, conferences and meetings
  • to carry out the Ministry’s business and procedures abroad
  • to fulfil other tasks given by the minister
  • to plan co-operation agreements / protocols, emergency aid, overseas education, country visits in the field of Health; to conduct and coordinate congresses, conferences, symposia and meetings that are held abroad;
  • to plan, coordinate and superviser elations with United Nations and its specialized agencies and other international organizations in order to develop health services
  • to support activities carried out by the General Directorate of Emergency Health Services within the scope of overseas emergency medical care
  • to coordinate the Ministry and other EU institutions and to ensure coordination between ministerial departments on subjects related to the field of the Ministry's tasks and activities within the scope of European Union membership negotiations acquis, and to carry out operations
  • to represent the Ministry in the best possible way in the international and national arena
  • to plan and to coordinate Human Resources planning, maintenance, supervision and monitoring of the internal control system, to plan and coordinate activities related to procurement processes
  • to ensure realization of joint activities involving more than one unit in solidarity, cooperation and coordination, monitoring and evaluating results of these activities
  • to ensure the preparation of reports required by the Executive Management