Health Minister Dr. Ahmet Demircan received the Gazaian disabled Sharif siblings


Health Minister Dr. Ahmet Demircan received the Palestinian Sharif siblings (Secud, Mahmud and Enes El Sharif) without lower limbs and their family who came to Turkey since the disabled siblings could not be treated in Gaza due to medical impossibilities and Israel embargo.  

Dr. Ahmet Demircan stated that any and all health support would be provided for the Sharif siblings and they would be treated at Gaziler Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Training and Research Hospital and Gülhane Training and Research Hospital.

The Health Minister further added that the treatment process would take some time but the physicians would do their best and he would follow the process personally.   

The father Imad El Sharif stated that they suffered a lot for the last ten years and expressed his gratitude for the treatment of his children and hospitality of the Turkish Health Minister.  

H.E. Dr. Demircan gave presents to the Sharif siblings. 

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