Turkey-Kazakhstan Health Week ended


Turkey-Kazakhstan Joint Health Week was held in Turkistan Province, Kazakhstan between the dates of 7-15 April 2019.

Organized in cooperation with the Ministries of Health of both countries and Ahmet Yesevi University, the health week provided an opportunity for performance of some critical operations in the region.

114 specialized operations and 653 outpatient examinations were performed, and health training was provided for 496 Kazakh health care professionals during the health week.    

The first training was organized concerning lung tumors in radiology in Turkistan Province hosting 2 million people.

Concerning emergency medicine, emergency approaches to traumas, CPR, intubation, basic and advanced life support trainings were provided for emergency staff of all hospitals in the area.

The Turkish delegation also provided detailed information about experiences and capacity of Turkey on city hospitals, health tourism and medicines and medical devices.

Kazakhstan Health Minister Yelzhan Birtanov visited Turkey last week as a guest of the Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca. The parties agreed on strengthening the mutual cooperation in the field of health, with a particular focus on city hospitals and public-private cooperation model.

Since 2006, the Turkish Ministry of Health has been organizing Health Weeks in 3 continents in Afghanistan, Yemen, Sudan, Iraq, Moldova / Gagauzia, Mauritania, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Azerbaijan, Nakhichevan, Karakalpakstan, Yemen, Somalia, Djibouti, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Kenya and Kazakhstan.

To date, 43 Health Week has been held in 20 different countries.

26 thousand patients were examined and 5 thousand 200 operations were performed.

In addition, theoretical and practical training was provided for 4 thousand 700 healthcare personnel to improve their professional capacity.