Delegation from the Ministry of Health of Albania Visits Turkey


The Agreement Between the Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Albania on the Donation in the Field of Health about the construction of a 150-bed hospital in Fier, Albania and the donation of medical devices, furniture, and materials to be used in this hospital to Albania was signed in Ankara on February 2, 2021 pursuant to the Presidential Decree No. 3433 of January 28, 2021. Construction of the hospital has begun and a team of 3 from the Albanian Ministry of Health visited Turkey on February 16-19, 2021 in order to determine the branches and total health workforce planned for the hospital, as well as alternative operating models. As a result of the meeting, the delegations agreed on offering healthcare services in 23 branches, namely emergency medicine, anesthesia and reanimation, endocrinology, microbiology, and infectious diseases, gastroenterology, general surgery, thoracic surgery and diseases, ophthalmology, hematology, cardiology, CVD, ENT, urology, neurology, orthopedics and trauma, radiology, medical biochemistry, medical microbiology, nephrology, and intensive care with 387 healthcare personnel, 331 from Albania and 56 from Turkey (incl. doctors, nurses, and technicians).