3. Turkey-Greece High-Level Cooperation Council Meeting (5-6 December 2014)

Turkey-Greece High-Level Cooperation Council Meeting was held on 5-6 December 2014 in Athens under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister Prof. Dr. Ahmet Davutoğlu.

During the Meeting attended by the Ministers of Health, Foreign Affairs, Economy, EU, Internal Affairs, Culture and Tourism, Transportation, Energy and Natural Resources and Customs and Trade as well, Mr. Müezzinoglu had a bilateral discussion with his Greek colleague Mr. Voridis Makis. The following issues were addressed during the discussion:

- Mutual struggle against Ebola

- Medical Tourism

- Health Issues of Turks in Western Thrace in Greece

- Providing convenience on patient transfers through ambulances nearest to either country

- Studies of Greek doctors in our country

- Enabling Greek doctors to complete their specialty trainings in Turkey

- Equivalency between higher education institutions of both countries

- Mutual effort between Turkish and Greek sides on struggle against mosquito as rough rice is produced on both sides of Maritza, enabling the planes of both sides to take charge in order for agricultural spraying and providing convenience in terms of airspace