Coordination and Planning Meeting of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Health of Turkey (18–20 April 2014)

The meeting on Coordination and Planning of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Health of Turkey was held at the Green Park Pendik Hotel in İstanbul on 18 to 20 April 2014.

The meeting started with the welcome speech of Mr. Mehmet Müezzinoğlu, the Minister of Health of Turkey.

In his speech he stated that the Ministry was developing policies for a healthier life style of the citizens and that the service was not limited with patients. He said “We are acting with the responsibility of developing a new perspective and a new vision in health care.”

He also stated that it was not enough for Turkey, to provide health services for Turkish citizens of 77 million, and that Turkey with the wide knowledge in health, the experience of physicians, the quality and standard in providing health care, was able to compete with the World. He said that Turkey stood at a point with the capability of providing health care to 1 billion people at nearby geography and thus all of the stakeholders relevant in the health tourism sector, should review their strategies.

Later Mr.Nihat Tosun, the Undersecretary of the Minister of Health, took the floor.