3rd Turkish Medical World Council (29-30 October 2016, Istanbul)

Turkish scientists who put their signatures under important successes in the field of Genetic Science and Genomics came together at the “3rd Turkish Medical World Council” organized by Ministry of Health. Council, which is anticipated to contribute to the goals to be leading country in the field of health while Turkey takes road to the 100th anniversary of Turkish Republic, was held on 29-30 October 2016 in Istanbul.
At the Council held in coordination of General Directorate of EU and Foreign Affairs of Ministry of Health of Turkish Republic and hosted by Health Institutes of Turkey, 20 scientists from abroad and over 150 scientists in total who carry out studies in the field of genetics came together and found opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience.
Main theme of the council is the “Human Genome Project” which one of the most important projects for 20th century in order to promote the quality of human life.     
Recently, national genome projects were initiated in many developed countries to benefit from the result obtained from Human Genome Project in the field of health sector. Many researches carry out studies in this field in Turkey. The Council aims to gather centers and scientist who carry out studies on GENOME inside and outside Turkey.
The Council opened by Prof. Dr. Recep Akdağ, Minister of Health of the Republic of Turkey lasted 2 days. After the opening speeches on the first day, sessions on “Personal Medical Applications and National Genome Project”, “Applications of International Genome Projects” were held.
On the 2nd day of the council, workshops were organized in 6 groups and reports prepared at the end of the day were shared with the participants. Scientific report prepared after the council will be published and presented to the attention of the related shareholders.
Web-site of Turkish Medical World Council can be reached at: http://turktipdunyası.saglik.gov.tr