Videoconference Between our Ministry and the Delegations of the United Kingdom and the Kingdom of Belgium


The delegation of the Ministry of Health chaired by the Director-General for EU and Foreign Affairs, Dr. Selami Kılıç had a meeting on June 18, 2021 with the delegations of the United Kingdom and the Kingdom of Belgium. The meeting was also attended by Prof. Ateş Kara, a member of the Scientific Committee and the representatives of the General Directorate of Public Health. 

During the meeting, Prof. Ateş Kara delivered a presentation on the latest situation of COVID-19 in Turkey and offered information about the vaccination efforts. Prof. Gulay Korukluoglu gave detailed information about the PCR test kits used in Turkey, variant sequencing efforts, and the availability of variants in cases. The Director-General informed the UK of the measures applied in Turkey to those coming from abroad.