Opening Meeting for Visit of WHO Delegation within the framework of Benchmarking Process to Enable TİTCK to be a Notified Regulatory Authority Before WHO


At the coordination meeting, which was attended by Deputy Minister Assoc. Prof. Tolga Tolunay and held via video-conference on January 20, 2022, a visit to Türkiye was agreed to be organized by WHO in order to examine the activities carried out by TİTCK closely, before formal benchmarking. 

Under the presidency of Director of the Department of Regulation and Prequalification at WHO Rogerio Paulo Pinto De Sa Gaspar, the said visit was attended by a high-level delegation including WHO Head of Regulation and Safety Unit Hiiti Sillo, Technical Officer in WHO Regulatory System Strengthening Officer Andrea Keyter, Technical Officer in Access to Medicines and Health Products in WHO Regional Office for Europe Dorina Pirgari, WHO Head of Country Office in Türkiye Batyr Berdyklychev and Technical Officer in WHO Country Office Melda Kecik.

Moreover, the said meeting was attended by Deputy Director General of Public Health Dr. Bekir Keskinkılıç, Director General of EU and Foreign Affairs Dr. Selami Kılıç, President of TİTCK Assoc. Prof. Tolga Karakan and other TİTCK officers.