3rd Turkey-Kosovo Health Week (20-28 February 2016)

The 3rd Turkey-Kosovo Health Week was organized on 20-28 February 2016 in the capital Pristine within the framework of humanitarian and technical relief activities abroad.

The delegation composed of the health professionals in the fields of Pediatric and Adult Cardiology/Cardiovascular Surgery, Anesthesia and Reanimation, Pediatric Surgery, Gynecology, General Surgery, Urology, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Ophthalmology and officials from the Turkish Ministry of Health attended the Health Week during which many operations which could not be performed with the local means were performed by the Turkish doctors. At the same time, trainings were provided for the health professionals in Kosovo to help their professional development. 127 operations, 602 examinations and consultation were performed during the health week.

The relevant details of the 3rd Turkey-Kosovo Health Week are available in the Special Supplement.